Watch Netflix in India or anywhere else

I absolutely love watching television. Some say I watch too much but it’s not my fault entirely. Since I signed up to watch Netflix I have watched even more than ever. This is because Netflix has a huge amount of really great content. They have movies, documentaries and some great series. The only problem is that I really enjoy traveling and when you are outside the USA then Netflix prevent you from accessing their services. They look at the IP address of the device you are using to access their website and from this they are able to see which country you are in.This means that when I visit India later this year that Netflix won’t allow me to keep watching my favorite shows. Well that just isn’t fair.

Netflix in India

I found a way to get around this though. All you need to do is make it appear that you are actually in the United States even when you really aren’t. You do this by using a smart DNS service provider. These service providers run a subscription service which allows you to use their servers to make your IP address appear to be coming from another country. As an example, if you want to watch Netflix in India or even if you want to get Netflix South Africa then it is pretty easy if you just follow the steps to change your DNS settings. Flexit have a great guide on how to do this.

Netflix will the be accessable and you can sign up for your free 1 month trial. It only costs a few dollars a month to use the Smart DNS service and it is worth every penny if you ask me.

While I will be site seeing in India you can bet that when I relax in the evenings I will be catching up on my Netflix viewing. When I travel down under you can be sure I will be checking out Netflix in Australia as well. Check out the great guide from Flexit and if you follow the instructions then you will be able to watch Netflix anywhere.


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