Engagement Rings and Jewellery from South Africa

If you are going to South Africa on a holiday it would be a good idea to keep some of your spending money aside to buy some jewellery. If you are planning a wedding then South Africa is definitely a very good destination to choose to have the ceremony as well as the honeymoon. It would be a good idea to buy the engagement ring in South Africa as well. I live in the country and my wife has been involved in the jewellery industry for a long time so I can speak with some authority. The engagement ring designs as well as the quality of the manufacturing is just excellent. You will probably get a better deal here than anywhere else in the world. There may be cheaper places to buy engagement rings but as far as superiority of design and quality is concerned you can’t go wrong in South Africa. After all, this is where the gold and diamonds are mined. When you walk past all the windows of the jewellery stores it can be a little overwhelming because there is just so much to choose from.

Diamond Engagement Ring

It can be a little difficult to be able to tell what is made locally and what is imported. Take your time and do some research. It would be a good idea to at least have some knowledge about the gold price, alloys, diamond prices and other similar issues. Try and understand the difference between white gold and platinum and which you prefer. Don’t make any hasty purchases but rather take your time and ask the sales person a lot of questions. If they answer them satisfactorily then they probably know what they’re talking about.

In South Africa engagement rings are as big a deal as they are in the rest of the Western world. And why not. Your wedding is the most important day in your life and you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. If you are the groom to be and are looking for an engagement ring or a wedding band or diamond rings in general then make sure you have a good idea of what your prospective wife likes and dislikes. If you plan on surprising her with the ring then this is especially important. Casually ask her opinion about different rings the next time you walk past a jeweller and you will begin to get an idea of what she likes. This way you can be sure that when you propose and show her the ring that she doesn’t think twice about saying yes.


Russian genetics and weight loss with the Venus Factor

All too often when people are overweight or struggle with their weight they blame their genes. It’s hard not to when you look at certain nationalities and realize that there are some nations that are just genetically predisposed to being in good shape or being really attractive. A good example of this can be seen in looking at how Russian women look. Their genetics are an obvious factor in them looking attractive and being in good shape. When you look at women in general in the USA it’s obvious that they don’t share the same advantage that some other nationalities do. Not all of the weight problems women in America can be blamed on genetics though. A large portion of the blame needs to be put on poor dieting and lack of exercise that has become the norm in many Western societies.


Western media keeps holding out the ideal of really skinny women but also keeps presenting people in general and women in particular with poor eating options and lifestyles that are not conducive to being in good shape and healthy. In turn, this lifestyle and the western proclivity for making a buck at every opportunity has lead to a massive industry focused on weight loss, exercise, diets and supplements. If you’re looking for a new diet these days you’d be spoiled for choice. If you’re looking for a diet that works you’ll have to look a little harder.

Venus Factor

One of the better diet options is called the Venus Factor. The Venus Factor diet info I read pointed to the fact that this diet was designed along scientific lines with solid evidence for being able to achieve great results. If you would like to lose weight fast and you don’t have the genetics of a beautiful tall blonde Russian woman then you would probably be better off choosing a diet like this. Read diet reviews and do your research to find out which diet would work best for you. While you may not ever look like a tall Russian model you may at least be able to shape up, lose weight and get back into that bikini that you last wore when you were a teenager.